Put and Take lakes

Brynshøj Put & Take

  • Sunrise - Sunset
  • Tinghulevej 8D
    4573 Højby Sjælland
  • 71 72 56 57

Brynshøj Put & Take is situated outside of Højby Sjælland in the beautiful Odsherred region. The area is very idyllic, and the lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Brynshøj Put & Take consists of two lakes that. The big one is 17.000 m2, and it is perfect for both beginners and experienced fishermen. It offers lots of great spots to fish from, and it is stocked on a weekly basis with fish up to (and in excess of) 10 kilos.

Families with children are taken well care of at Brynshøj Put & Take, and they can fish in the small lake. It is the perfect place to catch your first trout, and on the weekends there’s usually guides around to help with gear, techniques, catches, and good pictures of life around the lake. Only children up to 16 are allowed to fish in the small lake, and they can each keep two trout per day.

Sø 2

Hove Put and Take

  • Monday to Friday 12.00 – 17.00
    Saturday & Sunday 10.00 – 17.00
  • Kalkgravsvej 22
    4000 Roskilde
  • +45 40 20 34 75

Hove Put and Take, which previously was a lime stone quarry, is relatively deep, and the water is crystal clear. The trout in the lake vary in size from 1 to 8 kilos, and you can also catch carp, tench and sturgeon.

Besides good fishing in attractive surroundings, Hove Put and Take has a well supplied fishing store where you can purchase fishing supplies, food and drink and get helpful advice on fishing in the lake.

A camping area for tents and campers is a new addition to Hove Put and Take, and you can also rent a boat. There is also a children’s lake for the youngest fishermen.

The store at Hove Put and Take has everything you need to fish for the lake’s trout. If you become a member, you can receive a 20% discount on everything in the store – and not least a discount on your fishing permit.

The store is closed during the winter from November 4th to the beginning of March. The lake itself is open throughout the winter.


Korsgaards Put and Take

Korsgaard’s Put and Take houses plenty of trout in the 1 – 4 kilo range. The lake is 14 hektars, and in addition to trout, it is possible to catch carp, pike, eel, roach and tench here. (Pre-baiting is allowed if a pre-agreement has been made). It is also allowed to fish the lake from a float tube or a belly boat. Additionally, night fishing is allowed is a pre-agreement is made.

Prices: 5 hours 100,00 kr. Full day (7.00-21.00) 150,00kr.

In the second lake (the big lake), perch, carp. tench and big pike can be caught.

Ørsted Fisk & Golf

Ørsted Fisk & Golf is a 5 star put and take fishing lake, owned and run by Jan and Birgitte Brandstrup since 1992. Ørsted Put and take fishing lake is located in a 50 acre natural setting comprising 3 reestablished lakes. There is also running water and a waterfall. There are paths around the lakes accessible for the handicap, and fish are released daily.


Roskilde Fiskeland

  • Weekdays from sunrise to sunset. Open for weekend and night fishing during the summer.
  • Kamstrupvej 150
    4000 Roskilde
  • +45 46363525

In Roskilde Fiskeland there are two large lakes up to 14 meters deep, which means that the fish don’t get lazy in the summer heat. During the summer fish are released every weekend, and during the winter pumps keep the smaller lake free of ice, so you can fish here year round.


Simons Put & Take

  • 05 - 22 (Winter)
    03 - 23 (Summer)
  • Holmevej 41
    3670 Veksø
  • +45 22457578

Simons Put & Take is known for its big, beautiful and powerful fish. In the scenic lake you can catch rainbow trout, golden trout, and brown trout, and for the children under 14, there’s a special children’s lake with extremely good odds of catching a fish using coarse fishing methods.

In Simons Put & Take some of Denmark’s biggest trout are caught, and there are frequent competitions with great prizes.