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IMG_9182Local knowledge is vital when it comes to fishing. So one of the best ways to be sure you catch fish – and have a good experience – is to fish with a local guide. This will ensure that you fish in the right places at the right times – and with the right methods.

Fishing Zealand recommends using guides, and if you are going on a longer fishing trip, the money you spend on a guide the first day is definitely worth it.

Fishing Zealand is working together with Denmark’s Sport Fishing Association to educate and certify fishing guides, so you can be sure that you are in good hands when you book one of these guides. In addition to requiring a high degree of fishing expertise and knowledge of the local area, this will also mean that things like a first aid certificate, a boat license, experience as an instructor etc. are in order.

Certification of fishing guides is a new idea, and at present Fishing Zealand is not yet able to offer guiding. But before long the guides will be trained, certified and ready, and you will be able to find relevant contact information here. Until then, you are welcome to contact us at where we may be able to help you on your way.

You can read more about our guide certification course here, and if you would like to be a guide working with Fishing Zealand and feel you have what it takes, then we would like to hear from you at


Novice Or Visitor?
As a novice or beginner it is pivotal to get a good experience when out fishing. It is important to be successful and thus develop faith and trust in ones abilities. In this regard, a fishing guide is a fantastic life line that will make sure that you’re not only equipped with the right gear but also with the knowledge to be successful on your own.

The Fishing Zealand guides are trained in providing novices, beginners, and children with the help they need to kick start their fishing career. Recruitment is important, and as a result, the guides participate in all the Fishing Zealand events providing novices with a chance to get a taste of what fishing is like. They also arrange individual courses aimed at helping newcomers to the sport improve their skills.

When visiting from abroad a guide is also worth his weight in gold. Being successful, when fishing a new destination that you have little or no prior knowledge about, is tricky – no matter how skilled or experienced you might be. Here, the certified guides have a crucial role to play! They personify the local knowledge and expertise needed for the fishing expedition to become a big success.

Certified Fishing Zealand Guides
The below is a list of Fishing Zealand guides with certifications through Denmark’s Sportfishing Federation. By booking one of these guides, you’re guaranteed a competent, educative, and memorable day on the water – with the best possible odds of improving your fishing technique and catching a fish.


Ken-SørensenKen Sørensen
Ken Sørensen is an experienced seatrout- and pike fisherman, who lives on Møn. Ken represents 44 years of experience with spin and fly gear along the coastal shores of Møn, and he always knows how to crack the code – no matter if you’re looking for seatrout or pike.

Specialises in: Seatrout (Møn/Stevns) – Pike fishing


Phone: +45 2342 3747




Niels Lagergaard Pedersen
Niels is a biologist and an passionate coastal angler. At a young age, Niels started fishing the coastal shores, and he now has more than 30 years of experience fishing for seatrout. Due to his experience, Niels is always capable of finding seatrout spots with great fishing conditions. Niels guides both spin- and fly fishermen, and he also does courses in fly fishing and fly casting.

Specialises in: Coastal fishing for seatrout & fly casting


Phone: +45 22 67 78 74










Lars-JuhlLars Juel Hansen
Lars is a full-blooded seatrout fisherman, and he knows all about the fishing in the fjords and on the open coasts. His experiences stem from numerous guided coastal trips, weekend courses, and flycasting courses held over the last 11 years. As a person, Lars is positive, flexible, outgoing, and eager to share his vast knowledge.

Specialises in: Seatrout on the coasts an in the fjords – Flycasting instruction


Phone: + 45 30758907




Claus-ChristiansenClaus Christiansen
Claus Christiansen has fished intensively since the age of 10 when he started visiting the local Southern Zealand rivers and ventured out onto the ocean in search of cod, coalfish, flounders etc.

At the age of 18 he discovered coastal fishing, and today seatrout fishing is his main passion. He still finds time, however, to fish Storebælt for cod and flounders now and then.

Specialises in: Coastal Fishing – Sea fishing


Phone: +45 22 30 28 26



Alex-jegJan Svenstrup
Jan Svenstrup is Fishing Zealand’s first certified boat guide – and an extremely skillful and experienced one at that.

He has more than 27 years of experience with boat fishing, and through his guiding career, Jan has guided clients from 17 different countries, set three IGFA lineclass-records, and hosted the Danish Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Specialises in: Boatfishing – Trolling – Seafishing


Phone: +45 22 21 99 68





Gordon P. Henriksen
Gordon lives in Lejre and fishes all over Zealand. He focuses a lot on pike fishing and fisheries that appeal to less experienced fishermen and kids. He is self-employed and works with sustainable fishing tourism and the promotion of recreational fishing.

Specialises in: Pike fishing – Sea fishing – P&T – Youths and Kids


Phone: +45 29 90 87 70




jonasJonas Kærlin
Jonas lives in Søborg and has a background as a primary school teacher. He has fished since the age of 3, and since then he has fished extensively all over Zealand.

For the last five years he has concentrated on fly fishing in Put & Take lakes and in Roskilde Fjord.

Specialises in: Coastal Fishing – Put & Take – Fly Fishing


Phone: +45 20 63 18 50



Keld Juul Michaelsen
Keld is the man behind the guide company Fabulous Fly Fishing. Keld has been fishing along the coasts since 1980 and has primarily been fishing with fly since 2005. Along the way, he has accumulated more than 35 years of experience along the Danish coasts.

Keld offers coastal trips for sea trout, both with fly and spin. When out fishing on his own, Keld prefers fly fishing, but he has spin fished for many years, so he can also give you tips and tricks if spin fishing is your thing. Keld offers both beginner trips and coastal fly intro courses. In addition, he arranges full- or half-day guided trips on the coast of Zealand – but primarily in the Isefjord, Roskilde Fjord and on Nordkysten. He always does his best to give you a good experience and successfully guide you forward in your pursuit of coastal sea trout.

Specialises in: Coastal seatrout – spin and fly

Contact Keld at email  or tel. +45 29 45 85 58

Follow Keld on Facebook:



Mark Vagn Hansen

Mark caught his first sea trout on a fly when he was 16 years old and has since been an inveterate fly fisherman and has been fly fishing on the coast of Zealand for the past 45 years. Especially on the west coast of Zealand is where he loves to fish.

Mark fishes all year round, and is therefore always updated on the good fishing spots and knows where the best chances of catching fish are.

Mark is originally from Copenhagen but moved to West Zealand due to the fantastic coastal fishing in the area.

Specializes in: Coastal fishing for seatrout and flycasting instructions


Phone: +45 42 46 19 61






Mikael Tange

Born on Møn, Mikael is a versatile angler who has lived most of his life near Vordingborg. As a result, he has thorough knowledge of the local fishing waters on both Møn and Vordingborg. Additionally, Mikael has lived two years on the west coast of Greenland where he spent lots of time chasing arctic char.

Mikael offers guiding for everyone interested in fishing, from children and young people to more experienced anglers. The guiding ranges from “Catch your first fish” to advanced and targeted fishing for seatrout on the coast with fly, spin, or bombarda.

On a daily basis, Mikael works i.a. at Fishing Zealand as B&U coordinator. Contact;

+45 2233 1979




Thomas P. Jensen
Thomas has fished for more than 4 decades starting with competitive match fishing in his early years, combined with outdoor living and exploring the northern wilderness of Scandinavia. He lives in the isle of Falster in the southernmost part of Zealand. Thomas is a very versatile fisherman and offers a great variety of knowledge, but – for him – the nature experience and sharing magical moments with others is more important than the actual catch.
Thomas is specialized in introducing new fishermen to the great hobby of sportfishing or introducing experienced fishermen to new fishing techniques. Furthermore – over the last few years, he has also guided- and introduced groups of children to fishing.
Thomas‘ approach to fishing is “keep it simple”, which has given a great amount of succes throughout his years of fishing. For more than 20 years Thomas has fished for seatrout along the coastline of South Zealand and the South islands; Møn, Falster and Lolland. As a result, he has vast knowledge of the seatrout and its whereabouts in his local area and also a great amount of knowledge about weather conditions, fishing techniques and the right fishingspots on any given day.
Thomas offers 3 types of guiding: 1. Fishing for beginners – Introduction course for groups of both children and adults. 2. Coastal seatrout fishing – for both experienced and beginners. Single or in small groups up to 6 people. 3. Catch and Cook weekends. Off-the-grid wilderness trips for all kinds of adults who need to “pull the plug” with a different and therapeutic “no stress” nature experience.
Because of Thomas’ versatility it is always possible to contact him about any kind of custom made fishing or outdoor experience.
Booking via:
Mobile: +45 50718512
Facebook: FiskeGuideFalster/FishGuideFalster


Jesper Roholm Pedersen

Jesper Roholm Pedersen is an experienced sports fisherman, proficient in both fly and spin fishing techniques. His passion for fishing developed in early childhood, as he spent countless hours angling in ponds and marshes. However, as he matured, his focus shifted to the open coast, where he dedicated his efforts to hunting sea trout, cod, and small flounders from various harbors and piers.

In addition to his primary occupation, Jesper operates the guide company “Flyfishingtours Zealand.” His primary clientele includes fly fishing enthusiasts seeking assistance with uncovering hotspots, as well as tourists in need of a guide with extensive local knowledge. Jesper’s expertise spans across a wide geographical area, encompassing Sjælland, Møn, Falster, and the southern coast of Sweden. His fishing expeditions traverse these regions, with a primary focus on the coastline, where he pursues sea trout, garfish, and an array of other species native to the Danish shores.

Beyond his local endeavors, Jesper nurtures a fascination for exploring exotic destinations and he’ll occasionally travel to far-flung places to challenge his fly fishing skills.

Contact Information: